Generation Eight

Generation Eight

80/128 | 45
  1. Thomas William Lewis, born 18 May 1816 in Glamorgan, Wales; died 11 Jul 1881 in Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio.
  2. Mary Ann Thomas, born 25 Dec 1815 in Wales; died 24 Mar 1904 in Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio.
  3. William E. Lewis, born about 1813 in Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, Wales. He married on 14 Jul 1834 in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales.
  4. Ann C. Lloyd, born about 1814 in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales.
  5. Joseph Burnett, son of William Harrington Burnett and Mary Wallen, born 3 May 1808 in Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio; died 2 Oct 1898 in Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio. He married on 2 May 1839 in Howland, Trumbull, Ohio.

  6. Cassander Courtney, daughter of Michael Courtney and Nancy Ann George, born 5 Dec 1816 in Monongalia, West Virginia; died 20 May 1892 in Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio.

  7. Coles Townsend, born about 1818 in New York, New York; died Sep 1852 in Buffalo, Erie, New York. He married on 16 Aug 1838 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
  8. Fanny Eacret Townsend LaffertyFlorence Eacret, daughter of George Eacret and Nancy Ann Kingsland, born 17 Sep 1817 on “The Point” at the foot of 2nd St. in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; died 11 Jan 1907 in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.

  9. Ephraim Greenbaum
  10. Lottie (or Alie) Samuel, born in Poland or Germany.
  11. Moses Schlesinger, born before 1814 in Poland or Germany.
  12. Rebecca
  13. Martlo Ullman, born before 1799 in Germany.
  14. Selina, born Germany.
  15. Lawrence Eliazar Blumenthal, born 4 Apr 1790 in Altenstadt, Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Germany; died 18 Jun 1871 in Manhattan, New York, New York. He married in 1818 in Nagold, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  16. Rebecca Mayer, daughter of Josef Jonas ben Mayer and Rachel Landauer, born 13 Dec 1796 in Altenstadt, Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Germany; died on 5 May 1848 in Manhattan, New York, New York.
  17. Terrel Sobel, born in Germany or Poland.
  18. Rosa, born in Germany or Poland.
  19. Samuel Feibel, born before 1830 in Germany or Poland.
  20. Gussie Hirsch, born before 1830 in Germany or Poland.
  21. Tavele Prince, son of Mordcho Marcus Printz and Beille, born about 1805 in Kepno, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland.
  22. Noche Jette Lewkowicz (or Weiss), born about 1810 in Kepno, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland.
  23. Phillip Simon Friedenthal, son of Henoch Jeheie Friedenthal and Golde, born 1825 in Kepno, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland; died New York City.
  24. Charlotte Friederike “Fanny” Lichtenstein, daughter of Salomon Lichtenstein and Sarah, born Grodzisk, Wielkopolski, Poland; died San Francisco, California.
  25. Jacob Shollenberger, son of John Shollenberger and Susanna Heckman, born 1793 in Hamburg, Berks, Pennsylvania; died 25 Jun 1867 in Hamburg, Berks, Pennsylvania. He married on 24 Apr 1814 in Berks, Pennsylvania.
  26. Mary Magdalena Eisenhuth, daughter of Bernard Barnet Eisenhuth and Catherine Saylor, born 23 Mar 1794 in Berks, Pennsylvania; died 3 Sep 1847 in Hamburg, Berks, Pennsylvania.
  27. John Roads, son of Jacob O. Roads and Margaret Van Sandt, born 9 Apr 1782 in Bucks, Pennsylvania; died 1866 in Hamburg, Berks, Pennsylvania. He married in 1830.
  28. Salome Keller, born 1794 in Pennsylvania; died Nov 1879 in Schuylkill, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  29. Johannes Eisenhauer, son of George Michael Eisenhauer and Catherine, born 10 Feb 1781 in Fredericksberg, Lebanon, Pennsylvania; died 16 Nov 1861 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married on 16 Dec 1807 in Berks, Pennsylvania.
  30. Eva Reinhard, daughter of Johann Jost Reinhard, born 26 Feb 1783 in Berks, Pennsylvania; died 27 Jul 1862 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  31. Martin Stauffenberg, born 1790 in Richelsdorf, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Hessen, Germany. He married about 1814 in Germany.
  32. Margretha Catherina, born 1794 in Kurhessen; died 1875 in Pennsylvania.
  33. Johann Nicolaus Schley, son of Johann Justus Jacob Schley and Maria Margaretha Lander, born 19 Dec 1800 in Hangard, Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany; died 11 Nov 1843 in Frankenholz, Saarpfalz-Kreis, Saarland, Germany. He married on 22 Nov 1821 in Ottweiler, Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany.
  34. Mary Katharina Eisenbeis, born 4 Jul 1799 in Wellsesweiller, Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany; died 21 Jan 1859 in Mittelbexbach, Saarland, Germany.
  35. Daniel Fry, son of Abraham Frey and Sophia Heit, born 24 Mar 1798 in Pike, Berks, Pennsylvania; died before 1850 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  36. Susanna Fuhrman, daughter of John F Furhman and Christina Tannehauer, born 1800 in Berks, Pennsylvania; died 18 Mar 1863 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  37. Henry Zimmerman, son of Jacob Sauter Zimmerman and Anna Maria Dreher, born 1790 in Brunswick, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania; died 1838 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
  38. Magdelena, born about 1790.
  39. George C. Gilbert, son of George Gilbert and Susannah Kehle, born 23 May 1823 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania; died 15 Apr 1890 in Pennsylvania. He married after 1840.
  40. Harriet Fuhrman, daughter of John Fuhrman and Sarah Fertig, born 5 Aug 1820 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania; died 4 Oct 1897 in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  41. Jonas Reichart, born 14 Dec 1811 in Pennsylvania; died 10 Jan 1881 in Pennsylvania. He married on 1 Mar 1835.
  42. Mary Ann Blue (Blew), daughter of James Blew and Catharine Reber, born 23 Mar 1818 in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania; died 1 Aug 1885.

  43. William Peter Young, son of Peter W. or F. Young and Mary Risler, born 20 Oct 1778 in Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey; died 24 Jan 1856 in Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey. He married on 17 Jan 1807 in Hunterdon, New Jersey.

  44. Maria Schenck, daughter of Jacob Schenck and Eleanor Nelly Vanmater, born 26 Mar 1787 in Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey; died 8 Apr 1859 in Amwell, Somerset, New Jersey.
  45. John S. Stires, son of Tunis J Stires and Margaret Carkhuff, born 23 Sep 1784 in New Jersey; died 11 Oct 1851 in Readington, Hunterdon, New Jersey. He married on 2 Nov 1806 in Hunterdon, New Jersey.
  46. Sarah Smith, born 11 Sep 1784 in New Jersey; died 28 Oct 1851 in Hunterdon, New Jersey.
  47. James Truesdell, son of Samuel Truesdell Sr. and Lucretia Cook, born 15 Jan 1790 in Harwinton, Litchfield, Connecticut; died 3 Sep 1862 in Lawsville, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. It is said that he carried a rifle on the battlefield at 73 years of age.

  48. Sarah “Sallie” Warner, daughter of James Warner and Sarah, born 1 Jul 1799 in Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut; died 4 Mar 1881.

  49. Andrew Benjamin Young, born 1778 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania. He married in 1807 in Lockport, Northampton, Pennsylvania.
  50. Isabel Marjoram, daughter of Benjamin Marjoram and Elizabeth White, born 16 Jun 1783 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States; died 1826 in Northampton, Northampton, Pennsylvania.
  51. William Wilcox Moon, son of Ebenezer Moon IV and Sarah Wilcox, born 29 Jul 1787 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island; died Feb 1860 in Truxton, Cortland, New York. He married in 1810 in Rhode Island.
  52. Prudence Crandall, daughter of Luke Crandall and Martha Maxson, born 22 May 1790 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died after 1830 in Truxton, Cortland, New York.
  53. Václav Vašík, son of Jan Vasik, born about 1774 in Ždár nad Sázavou, South Moravia, Czech Republic; died 18 Jul 1836 in Ždár nad Sázavou, South Moravia, Czech Republic. He married on 13 Feb 1798 in Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina, Czech Republic.
  54. Anna Krívánková, daughter of Franišek Křivánek, born 26 May 1775 in Ždár nad Sázavou, South Moravia, Czech Republic.
  55. Franišek Kubík. He married on 1 Ot 1820 in Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina, Czech Republic.
  56. Anna Vejvodová
  57. David Garrison Sr., died died about 1789 in Swedesboro, Gloucester, New Jersey.
  58. Johanna “Hannah”
  59. Thomas Isaac Clever, son of Peter Cleaver and Sarah Susan Bacon, born 5 Sep 1760 in Port Penn, New Castle, Delaware; died 1792 in Cumberland, Salem, New Jersey. He married on 11 Nov 1780 in Cumberland, New Jersey.

  60. Jemima Draper, daughter of Edward Draper and Mary Barber, born 27 Dec 1758 in Pilesgrove, Salem, New Jersey; died 18 Nov 1841 in Upper Dublin, Montgomery, Pennsylvania.
  61. Charles Moore, born 1770 in Ireland; died 7 Feb 1824 in Cheviot, Hamilton, Ohio. He married Hannah McWhinney in 1790 in Down, Down, Northern Ireland.
  62. Hannah McWhinney, born 1770 in Ireland; died 7 Aug 1834 in Cheviot, Hamilton, Ohio.
  63. Stuart Richey, son of James Richey and Isabella Stuart, born 25 Dec 1755 in Donegal, County Down, Ireland; died 18 Oct 1806 in Bryant's Creek, Monroe, Indiana. He married on 11 May 1781 in Donegal, Ireland.

  64. Mary C. Irwin, daughter of William Irwin, born 1756 in Down, Northern Ireland; died 7 Feb 1832 in Cincinnati, Clermont, Ohio.

    Mary Irwin and Stuart Richey had seven children:

    1. James Richey, born 1782; died 1852.
    2. Elizabeth Richey, born 1785-1849; died 1849.
    3. Stephen M. Richey, born 1791; died 1869.
    4. John Richey, born 1793; died 1832.
    5. Mary C. Richey, born 1795; died 1849.
    6. Ellinor Richey, born 1799; died 1840)
    7. William Irwin Richey, born 1802; died 1844.
  65. William Poole, son of Thomas Poole and Sarah Warren, born 25 Feb 1759 in Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut; died 27 Feb 1854 in Harmony, Clark, Ohio. He married on 19 Jan 1789 in Putney, Windham, Vermont.
  66. Lois Moore, born 12 Mar 1766 in Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts; died 14 Dec 1839 in Harmony, Clark, Ohio.
  67. James Hardin, born 10 May 1757 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 28 Jun 1837 in Colerain, Hamilton, Ohio. He married on 6 Nov 1783 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.
  68. Eleanor Davis, born 27 Jan 1764 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania; died 1 May 1852 in Colerain, Hamilton, Ohio.
  69. Maj. Jonathan Cilley, son of Gen. Joseph Cilley and Sarah Sally Longfellow, born 8 Mar 1762 in Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire; died 21 Mar 1807 in Colerain, Belmont, Ohio. He married on 5 Jun 1786 in Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

  70. Dorcus Butler, daughter of Benjamin F. Butler and Dorcas Abbott, born 9 Oct 1766 in Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire; died 23 Oct 1857 in Colerain, Belmont, Ohio.
  71. Elias Hedges, born 1771; died 4 Dec 1813.
  72. Elizabeth, born 1770; died 25 Dec 1832.
  73. Lars Henriksson, born 12 Dec 1740 in Nain, Gustav Adolf, Värmland, SW, Sweden; died 18 Feb 1831 in Nain, Gustav Adolf, Värmland, SW, Sweden. He married on 16 Dec 1762 in Ekshärad, Sweden.
  74. Lisbet “Lisa” Svensdotter, born 27 Nov 1740 in Överåstjärn, Malung, Kopparberg, SW, Sweden; died 24 Jan 1821 in Nain, Gustav Adolf, Värmland, SW, Sweden.
  75. Olof Jonsson, born 22 Nov 1758 in Högboda, Boda, Sweden; died 4 Jun 1843 in Boråsen, Ransäter, Sweden.
  76. Maja Larsdotter, born 2 Feb 1766 in Ransäter, Sweden; died 13 Feb 1835 in Boråsen, Ransäter, Sweden.
  77. Olof Henriksson, born 19 Jun 1775 in Barktorp, Äppelbo, Sweden. He married in May 1799 in Ekshärad, Sweden.
  78. Karin Matsdotter Havuinen, born 9 Jan 1774 in Gamlan, Brunnberg, Ekshärad; died 25 May 1839 in Barktorp, Äppelbo, Sweden.
  79. Johan Matsson, born 1779 in Brunnberg, Ekshärad, Sweden; died 1825. He married in Nov 1800 in Ekshärad, Sweden.
  80. Lisa Henriksdotter, born 12 Nov 1779 in Milsjön, Malung, Sweden; died 23 Dec 1849 in Brunnberg, Ekshärad, Sweden.