Generation Seven

Generation Seven

52/64, 12
  1. Johann N. Schroedel, born about 1824 in Bayern, Germany. He died 1877 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
  2. Katherine Himmelein, born 1840 in Bayern, Germany. She died 1889 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
  3. Richard E. Lewis, son of Thomas William Lewis and Mary Ann Thomas , was born 1839 in Merthyr Tudful, Glamorgan, Wales. He died 24 Mar 1891 in Bridgeport, Belmont, Ohio. He married on 24 Sep 1859 in Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio.
  4. Eleanor Lewis, daughter of William E. Lewis and Ann C. Lloyd, was born 15 Jan 1842 in Britton Ferry, Wales. She died 23 Mar 1902 in Randolph, Missouri.
  5. A. C.BurnettAlbert Courtney Burnett, son of Joseph Burnett and Cassander Courtney, was born 8 Jun 1847 in Niles, Trumbull, Ohio. He died 18 Aug 1925 in Trumbull, Ohio.

    He married Fanny on 19 Jul 1868 in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio. In an autobiographical letter, he writes about their love story: "On the farm adjoining ours lived a little black haired, blackeyed girl… She smiled on me and it broke my heart…"

    A sketch of his life was also published in the Biographical History of Northeastern Ohio (Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company 1892).

    An obituary published 19 Aug 1925 in the Warren Tribune Chronicle stated, "In his death, Warren loses one of its most highly regarded and public spirited citizens" [1, 2]. A funeral notice published in the same paper on 21 Aug 1925 recounted the "large assembly of relatives and friends" who joined in paying tribute to his memory.

  6. Fanny Townsend BurnettFlorence Townsend, daughter of Coles Townsend and Florence Eacret, was born 19 Apr 1852 in Buffalo, Erie, New York. She died 21 Feb 1938 in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.

  7. Louis Greenbaum, son of Ephraim Greenbaum and Lottie Samuel, was born Apr 1827 in Kalisz, Wielkopolskie, Poland. He died 21 Jan 1895 in Manhattan, New York, New York.

  8. Rachel Deborah Schlesinger, daughter of Moses Schlesinger and Rebecca, was born 1829 in Prussia. She died 10 Jun 1886 in Manhattan, New York, New York.
  9. Israel Ullman, son of Martlo Ullman and Selina, was born 5 Oct 1814 in Wurttemberg, Bayern, Germany. He died 14 Oct 1897 in Manhattan, New York, New York ). He married on 1 Jun 1851.
  10. Julia Blumenthal, daughter of Lawrence Eliazar Blumenthal and Rebecca Mayer, was born 20 Aug 1829 in Altenstadt, Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Germany. She died 23 Aug 1900 in Long Branch, Monmouth, New Jersey.
  11. Leopold SobelLeopold Sobel, son of Terrel Sobel and Rosa, was born about 1843 in Germany. He died 4 Jun 1895 in Manhattan, New York, New York.

  12. Hannah SobelHannah (Hanchen) Feibel, daughter of Samuel Feibel and Gussie Hirsch, was born Oct 1844 in Germany. She died 27 Jul 1921 in Manhattan, New York, New York.

  13. Samuel Hirsch Prince, son of Tavele Prince and Neche Jette Lewkowicz (or Weiss), was born 29 Jul 1832 in Kepno, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland. He died 17 Apr 1910 in Manhattan, New York, New York. He married before 1864.
  14. Helena Friedenthal, daughter of Phillip Simon Friedenthal and Charlotte Friederike “Fanny” Lichtenstein, was born 19 Nov 1841 in Kepno, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland. She died 17 Nov 1909 in Manhattan, New York, New York.
  15. Edmund Henry Shollenberger, son of Jacob Shollenberger and Mary Magdalena Eisenhuth, was born 3 Feb 1822 in Hamburg, Berks, Pennsylvania. He died 2 Oct 1901 in Shenandoah, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married in 1848.
  16. Emmeline Roads, daughter of John Roads and Salome Keller, was born 21 Oct 1827 in Pennsylvania. She died 22 Mar 1898 in Pennsylvania.
  17. James Fatkins, born about 1827 in Scotland. He was naturalized 7 Sep 1857 in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania at the age of 30.

    The "Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950" index on Ancestry.com lists a James Fatkin, son of John Fatkin and Margaret Barbour, born 3 Jan 1827 and baptized 6 May 1827 at Abbey (Paisley), Renfrew, Scotland, but no connection has been established.

    His wife outlived both him and his daughter Jennie—Jennie's funeral was held at her mother's house on Balliet St. in Frackville on 19 Sep 1893.

    1. Evening Herald (Shenandoah, Pennsylvania), Monday, September 18, 1893, p. 4.
  18. John Joseph Eisenhauer Jr., son of Johannes Eisenhauer and Eva Reinhard, was born 18 Jan 1807 in Benthel, Berks, Pennsylvania. He died 3 Jan 1864 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married in 1841 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  19. Elizabeth Bowman (Bauman), born 2 Jun 1819 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. She died 15 Dec 1902 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  20. Abraham C MacIntyre, born 1821 in Scotland. He died 31 Dec 1886 in Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  21. Elizabeth, born 1827. She died 1905 in Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  22. Johann Adam Stauffenberg, son of Martin Stauffenberg and Margretha Catherina, was born 27 Aug 1820 in Riegelsdorf, Kurhessen, Germany. He died 29 Dec 1875 in Shenandoah, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married on 21 Apr 1846 in Ottweiler, Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany.
  23. Sophia Margaretta Schley, daughter of Johann Nicolaus Schley and Mary Katharina Eisenbeis, was born 22 Jun 1825 in Hangard, Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany. She died 10 Dec 1910 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
  24. John Peter Hoffman, born about 1828 in Prussia.
  25. Elizabeth Oerther, born about 1835 in Germany.
  26. John Fry, son of Daniel Fry and Susanna Fuhrman, was born 15 Apr 1823 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He died 27 Nov 1914 in Shenandoah, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married on 11 Feb 1851 in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  27. Sarah Ann Zimmerman, daughter of Henry Zimmerman and Magdelena, was born 18 Dec 1829 in Ringtown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. She died 15 Apr 1902 in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
  28. John Gilbert, son of George C. Gilbert and Harriet Fuhrman, was born 21 Jun 1851 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He died 22 Apr 1936 in Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. He married about 1872.
  29. Inez Melissa Reichart, daughter of Jonas Reichart and Mary Ann Blue (Blew), was born 6 Mar 1849 in Rahn, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. She died 26 Sep 1917 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  30. William Risler Young, son of William Peter Young and Maria Schenck, was born 13 Apr 1818 in Flemington, Hunterdon, New Jersey. He died 1 May 1903 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  31. Hannah Stires, daughter of John S. Stires and Sarah Smith, was born 11 Mar 1817 in New Jersey. She died 3 Jun 1893.
  32. Lewis (or William) Carter (Kartier), born about 1820 in Germany.
  33. James Warner Truesdell, son of James Truesdell and Sarah “Sallie” Warner, was born 24 Sep 1816 in Lawsville, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. He died 7 Mar 1854 in Liberty, Tioga, Pennsylvania. He married on 20 Feb 1838 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

  34. Emily Diedama Young, daughter of Andrew Benjamin Young and Isabel Marjoram, was born 10 Mar 1816 in Pennsylvania. She died 17 Feb 1864 in Lawsville, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

  35. Ebenezer “Eben” Benjamin Mooney, son of William Wilcox Moon and Prudence Crandall, was born 1826 in Rhode Island. He died 6 Feb 1891 in Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania.
  36. Sallie Hawley, born 1824 in Pennsylvania. She died 12 Jun 1886.
  37. Franišek Vašík, son of Václav Vašík and Anna Krívánková, was born 4 Sep 1816 in Vříšt, Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina, Czech Republic. He died after 1895 in the United States. He married on 8 Jun 1840 in Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina, Czech Republic.
  38. Anna KubikovaAnna Kubikova, daughter of Franišek Kubík and Anna Vejvodová, was born 5 Jan 1821 in Lišná, Žďár nad Sázavou, Vysočina, Czech Republic. She died 3 May 1874 in Ždár nad Sázavou, South Moravia, Czech Republic.

  39. Frank Koza, was born about 1820 in Austria. He died about 1893 in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. He married Annie.
  40. Annie, was born about 1828 in Austria. She died 5 Feb 1924 in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota.
  41. David Garrison Jr., son of David Garrison Sr. and Johanna “Hannah”, was born 4 Oct 1790 in New Jersey. He died 1 Jun 1814 in Salem, Salem, New Jersey. He married on 19 Mar 1812 in Woolwich, Gloucester, New Jersey.
  42. Hannah Clever, daughter of Thomas Isaac Clever and Jemima Draper, was born 5 Oct 1787 in Salem, Salem, New Jersey. She died 16 Apr 1864 in Mack, Hamilton, Ohio.
  43. William Moore Sr., son of Charles Moore and Hannah McWhinney, was born 22 Jun 1791 in Belfast, County Down, Ireland. He died 31 Jan 1871 in Green, Hamilton, Ohio. He married on 16 Jan 1816 in Green Township near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  44. Mary C. Richey, daughter of Stuart Richey and Mary C. Irvin (or Irwin), was born 15 Dec 1795 in Harrison, Kentucky. She died 6 Mar 1849 in Cheviot, Hamilton, Ohio.

  45. William Poole, son of William Poole and Lois Moore, was born 12 May 1789 in Putney, Windham, Vermont. He died 6 Sep 1868 in Colerain, Hamilton, Ohio. He married on 30 Jun 1823 in Hamilton County, Ohio.
  46. Rebecca Hardin, daughter of James Hardin and Eleanor Davis, was born 3 Dec 1784 in Pennsylvania. She died 5 Dec 1875.
  47. Bradbury CilleyBradbury Cilley, son of Jonathan Cilley and Dorcus Butler, was born 16 May 1798 in Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire. He died 19 Jul 1874 in Colerain, Belmont, Ohio. He married on 15 Feb 1834 in Colerain, Belmont, Ohio.

  48. Harriet HedgesHariett Hedges, daughter of Elias Hedges and Elizabeth Hedges, was born 12 Apr 1810 in Colerain, Belmont, Ohio. She died 1 Sep 1885 in Groesbeck, Hamilton, Ohio.

  49. Jan Larsson, son of Lars Henriksson and Lisbet “Lisa” Svensdotter, was born 1 Feb 1785 in Nain, Ekshärad, Sweden. He died 3 Jan 1853 in Avradstjärn, Tyngsjö, Sweden. He married in 1815.
  50. Anna Olofsdotter, daughter of Olof Jonsson and Maja Larsdotter, was born 27 Jan 1798 in Boråsen, Ransäter, Sweden. She died 2 Feb 1834 in Avradstjärn, Malung, Sweden.
  51. Mats Olofsson, son of Olof Henriksson and Karin Matsdotter Havuinen, was born 23 Sep 1806 in Barktorp, Äppelbo, Sweden. He died 23 Apr 1850 in Äppelbo, Sweden. He married on 7 Feb 1836 in Barktorp, Äppelbo, Sweden.
  52. Maria Jansdotter, daughter of Johan Matsson and Lisa Henriksdotter, was born 20 Aug 1808 in Brunnberg, Ekshärad, Sweden. She died 10 Jan 1893 in Avradstjärn, Tyngsjö, Sweden.